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Project development

Where is who I was and Am, (c)Ginger Foot FilmsGinger Foot Films develops your project for the international market, co-production events, meet-markets and pitching sessions. In times of raising competition and shrinking TV budgets, it is getting increasingly difficult to develop and finance films out of a national market alone. In order to produce projects for the international market, one needs not only to consider potential partners (Ginger Foot Films also offers consulting in project financing) but also to have a deep knowledge of the mechanisms and the requirements of the markets and adjust the storytelling accordingly. Ginger Foot Films has a long experience in the international media market, attends on a regular basis festivals, co-production meetings and pitchings in Europe, Asia and the USA. Bjoern Jensen offers pitching workshops and serves as a moderator on pitching sessions at Sunny Side of the Doc, Asian Side of the Doc and Dokville. Ginger Foots Films can develop your project and train you for your presentation at Meet Markets and pitching events.

Björn Jensen trained more than 70 films for pitchings; several became award winning film, one was shortlisted for the student Oscar. For the project "Silenced - Georgy Markov and the Umbrella Murder" by Klaus Dexel Filmproduktion, Ginger Foot Films developed the pitch and presented it at Sunny Side of the Doc 2012 and won Best Investigative Pitch. "Chinese Success Abroad" was developed and pitched by Ginger Foot Films and was selected among the top ten pitches at GZDOC Festival 2014. Evolution Film was coached in the development of "Reflected by Horses" which won 2011 the Documentary Competition of the Bavarian Television and Telepool. The Australian production company Sealight was coached for their pitch "Bloodline" and was awarded third best pitch at GZDOC Festival 2013. For his pitch of "Milestones in Science and Engineering in China" Bjoern won one of the main awards at the Golden Panda International Documentary Festival 2016.

Note: All activities are offered on economic aspects only, under exclusion of any legal advise.

Fictional Projects

  • "Did ya`see that film ?", Low Definition Films Lars Jordan
  • "The Thirteenth Book", Alpenway GmbH
  • "Eden of Manila", Nominal Film GmbH
  • "Mühlberg Masala"

Non-fictional Projects

Additional services of Ginger Foot Films


The services of Ginger Foot Films can be booked on an hourly basis or as a flat fee, depending on the requirements and the scope of the project. This flexibility is especially interesting for producers in the early stage of a production. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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Bjoern Jensen pitching
Photo: © GZDOC Festival
Bjoern Jensen pitching Chinese Success Abroad, (c) GZDOC Festival
Photo: © GZDOC Festival
Eden of Manila, (c) Nominal Film GmbH
Photo: © Nominal Film GmbH
Bloodline Award, (c) Ginger Foot Films
Photo: © Ginger Foot Films
Im Spiegel der Pferde - Sonja Kulkarini, (c) Ginger Foot Films
Photo: © Ginger Foot Films
Award Ceremony Ecran de Chine, (c) GZDOC Festival
Photo: © GZDOC Festival