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Where is who I was and Am, (c)Ginger Foot FilmsGinger Foot Films assists you in finding international co-production partners and distributors and provides contacts to TV stations, investors and film funds. For years, television co-production shares for documentaries and feature films as well as international license fees have been decreasing. A producer who used to cover his investment in the film with foreign sales or second runs, may realize now that this model only works in rare cases. Recent studies reveal the difficult financial situations in which many producers, directors and artists live. At the same time, digitalization of production and distribution has brought together more closely film creators and their audience.
Market participants with their roots in social media have made their way to the field of production and distribution. The Asian market is growing in importance. Experts estimate for instance that the Chinese theatrical market, which is currently the second biggest market in the world, will overtake the US market within the next years. Increasing numbers of TV stations, Internet and changed viewer behaviour offer to film producers new possibilities, but financing of films and its distribution becomes increasingly more complex. Many producers react to these changed conditions by seeking alliances with partners abroad and establishing co-productions, to increase their budget or be closer to their target audience.

Ginger Foot Films assists producers and filmmakers with these strategic decisions. Over the years, Ginger Foot Films has built up an international network and is present on many international markets, trade fairs and festivals. Ginger Foot Films is consultant for Sunny Side of the Doc for the Asian market and the Chinese production company China Film Assist. Ginger Foot Films develops strategies for distribution and financing and helps you to find co-production partners, TV stations, investors and distributors for your project. The project should have an international potential and be partly financed.

Note: All activities are offered on economic aspects only, under exclusion of any legal advise.

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For these services, Ginger Foot Films charges a small lump-sum operational cost in relation to the project's budget, plus a commission based on the funds acquired by us. The lump-sum operational cost will be deducted from the commission. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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