Forgotten Sex Slaves -
Comfort Women in the Philippines

Documentary, HD, 46 minutes

Forgotten Sex Slaves, (c) Ginger Foot Films / Lila Pilipina

During the Second World War thousands of women in Asia were forced to work as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers. Some of them were still teenagers. They were raped, often beaten and abused. The Japanese called them “ianfu” or Comfort Women. After the war the survivors struggled to continue with their lives, hiding what many considered to be a “shame”. After having been silent for more than 50 years they have started to tell their stories. Until today, they are waiting for an adequate compensation and official acknowledgment of their victimization. They are in their Eighties and Nineties now and time is running out for them. This intimate, touching film tells the story of nine comfort women in the Philippines and follows their efforts to find justice before they die.

Winner of “The Voice That Break the Silence” Award at Fusagasuga International Film Festival in Colombia.
The jury's statement: “Sexual violence is one of the taboos about women are silent, because it undermines our bodies but also against our dignity and honour. When violence occurs in a context of conflict, sexual violence becomes a war weapon to demoralize the enemy and break communities. The existence of "comfort centers" created by the Japanese during World War II, where thousands of Filipino Women were enslaved is a reality that assails us and raises a question: How is it possible that we did not know? The value of these women, grandmothers, “Lolas”, shows that the voice of women, when added to other voices, can break the silence and transform history.”

Director:Björn Jensen
Authors:Björn Jensen, Crisanta Alcaraz-Jensen, Bettina Ehrhardt
Editor:Alexander Laudien
Composer:Jörg Winkelmann
Producer:Björn Jensen
Produced by:Ginger Foot Films
in co-operation with:bce films & more GmbH

with: Lola Pilar Frias, Lola Hilaria V. Bustamante, Lola Virginia Villarma, Lola Simeona N. Ramil, Lola Carmencita Ramel, Lola Narcisa Claveria, Lola Anastacia C. Cortez, Lola Benita Alaganza, Rechilda A. Extremadura, Lola Ortencia Martinez, and many more

Interviews: Crisanta Alcaraz-Jensen, Narrator: Joel Olano, Re-recording Mixer: Dario Manns, Original Drawings: Remedios Felias, After Effects: Dario Manns, Title design: Adrian von Sparr, Color grading: Dario Manns, Translations: Crisanta Alcaraz-Jensen, Production assistants: Nicolas von Hänisch, Johannes Scherzinger, Anna Seeßlen, Claudia Seibl, Rafael Selzer, Adrian von Sparr, Promotional Trailer: Anna Seeßlen, Social Media Claudia Seibl, Legal Advice: Christian Füllgraf, Assistant director: Crisanta Alcaraz-Jensen


Rechilda A. Extremadura, Alcaraz Family, Bettina Ehrhardt, Evelyna Galang, Armin Moritz, Dr. Walter Ziegler, LILA-Pilipina, Gabriela Philippines, Asian Women’s Fund, Die Medienakademie, Holiday Inn Ortigas Manila, Audio Network, Jean Paul Ditmarsch, Footage Farm Ltd., Gintare Kriauceliunaite


Ronald Apple, Deborah Bowman, Ava Darling, Jacqui Hocking, Ulrike Landt, Jörg Langer, Sonja Malinka, Jennifer Vaughn, Carol Welch

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© by Ginger Foot Films, 2015

Festivals & Awards

Festival de Cine de Paracho (Mexico), Award Winner Festival Internacional de Cine de Fusagasugá (Colombia), Eko International Film Festival (Nigeria), Medimed (Spain), Sichuan TV Festival (China), China Women's Film Festival (China), Al Jazeera International Film Festival (Doha), Ammar Popular Film Festival (Iran), Cameroon International Film Festival (Cameroon), Seoul International Women's Film Festival (Korea), Bogota International Film Festival for Human Rights (Colombia), Ozark Shorts (USA), Southeastern International Film Festival (Official Selection) (USA), Ekurhuleni International Film Festival (Finalist) (South Africa), Southway Film Fest (Ukraine), Two Cliffs Film (UK), Norwich Radical Film Festival (UK), Equality Film Festival (USA), Thanksgiving IndustryBOOST Competition (Finalist) (USA), IndieWise Film Festival (Finalist) (USA), Docademia Festival (USA), Diwa Filipino Film Showcase of Seattle (USA), CMS Vatavaran (India), GAY FILM NIGHTS International Film Festival (Romania), Auroville Film Festival (India), IndieWise Film Festival (Finalist) (USA), NuKhu Festival (USA), TIF Video Challenge (Cyprus), MoziMotion (Netherlands)

Forgotten Sex Slaves, (c) Ginger Foot Films
Photo: © Ginger Foot Films
Forgotten Sex Slaves, (c) Ginger Foot Films
Photo: © Ginger Foot Films
Forgotten Sex Slaves, (c) Ginger Foot Films
Photo: © Ginger Foot Films
Forgotten Sex Slaves, (c) Ginger Foot Films
Photo: © Ginger Foot Films
Forgotten Sex Slaves, (c) Ginger Foot Films
Photo: © Ginger Foot Films
Forgotten Sex Slaves, (c) Ginger Foot Films
Photo: © Ginger Foot Films